“Working with Realize Ur Vision whom are thousands of miles away was absolutely fantastic.  Their understanding for creating a brand for a foreign market hit the spot for us.  Creating the SILQ brand illustrates their open minded thinking along with exceptional skills in overseas research and creative design gave us a new brand that will help us create a strong image in the Asian hospitality industry.  Excellent leadership and an outstanding design team puts this company in the forefront of creative brand design.”

Shiv Prachaseri
Hans Development Group
Bangkok, Thailand

“It is easy to give this company the highest level praise possible. I have worked with Barbara and REALIZE UR VISION through the formation of three different companies that I've owned and with each they found the style, design and feel that represented their own individual flair. I've always been impressed with how they inherently seem to know what I'm thinking whether that be the stationary package, sales brochures, web site design, logo design or the countless other things we've accomplished.  They actually are the only firm that  I'd recommend in this business and I do so happily.”

Greg Ballard, CEO
Ultimate Address Incorporated
Palm Desert, California


"I have worked with Omni Media Now who's parent company is now Realize Ur Vision for many years now and have really enjoyed the professionalism, creativity and customer service that their team provides.  They are an agency that is focused on developing good client relationships and delivering outstanding product that is always strategically on target.  I highly recommend the team at Realize Ur Vision for great results."

Lesley Carey, President

The Biggest Loser Resort

Santa Monica, CA

"Working with Barbara and REALIZE UR VISION for many years has created great results for our companies.  Whether working on a new logo design, website or naming new products or venues,working with their team has not only been successful for us it has been fun." 

Peter Mangliani

Owner, Citypoint Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

Owner, EZGames Distribution Inc.Los Angeles

Owner EZCards Distribution, Inc. Los Angeles

“My life has been truly transformed by coaching with Barbara Stenning and Realize UR Vision.  Over the course of my six-week session, Harnessing Your Six Invisible Superpowers, Barbara shared lessons on reason, imagination, intuition, will, memory and perception, while working with me to write a new vision for my life.  She encouraged me to create a vision in alignment with my core values, one that stretched myself to “live large.”  My work with her was absolutely transformational and as a result of creating my vision, I felt empowered to implement it.  I gave my job a four month notice and began aligning myself with relocation to a place I wanted to live and creating the life I wanted to live.  She walked with me every step of the way and I am in the process of manifesting my vision with personally meaningful work in a place that feels like home.  Barbara Stenning is the best coach I have ever worked with.

Jill.....Individual Coaching Client