In this 6 weeks you will take a journey deep within yourself and discover a more meaningful and rewarding life.  As we get to a certain stage in our lives we have a longing to create a fuller life with more joy, meaning and  purpose. 

Treat yourself to a new program designed with easy steps to follow to uncover your true calling.  You won't be sorry you took the step to register. 


This 3 week course is an abbreviated look at what you would love to create in the near future.  You will be doing substantial self examination, introspection, and writing.  Both group and individual coaching opportunities are available.

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"My life has been truly transformed by coaching with Barbara Stenning/Realize UR Vision.  Over the course of my six-week session, Harnessing Your Six Invisible Superpowers, Barbara shared lessons on reason, imagination, intuition, will, memory and perception, while working with me to write a new vision for my life.  She encouraged me to create a vision in alignment with my core values, one that stretched myself to “live large.”  My work with her was absolutely transformational and as a result of creating my vision, I felt empowered to implement it.  I gave my job a four month notice and began aligning myself with relocation to a place I wanted to live and creating the life I wanted to live.  She walked with me every step of the way and I am in the process of manifesting my vision with personally meaningful work in a place that feels like home.  Barbara Stenning is the best coach I have ever worked with."
Jill.... Individual Coaching Client

"My "why" experience for the last six weeks has far exceeded my expectations.  I truly feel more enthused about my life-to-be.  I am calmer.  I am happier and I feel joy again...an emotion I haven't felt in a long time.  I feel something wonderful is going to occur for me".

​...Group coaching client

"This class EXCEEDED my expectations!  Ms. Stenning is authentic and enthusiastice about the message.  She teaches well using different learning modalities so that have tools to develop our lives in the best possible and most meaningful ways."

...Group coaching client


"I am delighted and more peaceful having completed a coaching series

with Barbara.  At this point in life, I wasn't sure what a life review would produce.  I had many changes to face and the timing couldn't have been better.

I am clear about what I have to offer and how to face and enjoy each day no matter what it brings.

Barbara has excellent insight, is an effective listener, and is skilled with any conversation that comes forth.

Anne...Individual Coaching Client

"The class was inspiring; It had depth, shape, and richness.  Barbara is so personable, with a joyful exciting manner that makes the ideas and feeling of the class even more fun and engaging. 

We loved working with Barbara". ...

...Group coaching client

"I appreciated the higher consciousness and vibration of the 6 superpowers.  I liked the exercises and homework we did each week during the six week class.  It was very self-reflecting.  I really liked that Barbara took a real and sincere interest in what I wanted to focus on and my progress along the way".  .... Individual coaching client

I am now taking new clients in both group and individual sessions online or face to face catered to your specific situation and needs .  I am witnessing great success with my clients and welcome you to inquire about a program for yourself.  Feel free to contact me to schedule a complementary phone discussion.  



In order to change your life you must change your choices.

Creatively designed and catered to your unique time of life.


Forces that we cannot see, touch, smell, feel or taste are hard to comprehend, yet we know they exist.  The forces we will explore in this fun filled class are invisible yet are ever expanding and unlimited.

In exploring our mental superpowers, we will take a journey within ourselves.  We will discover that we were born with 6 extraordinary gifts that give us the tools we need to create everything we desire in life.

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